Beret, the New Fashion Trend

Berets date back to the 15th century, when shepherds in southwestern France liked to wear a round brimless cap woven out of brown wool. This hat can be worn on the head to cover the sun from the rain, remove it to wipe sweat, or put it on the floor as a cushion. Later, the Basques along the border between France and Spain began to wear the hat, known as the Basque Beret.

The first army in history to wear berets was the British army. As early as World War I, some of the British expeditionary forces on the continent wore berets, but the berets really did shine, but it was during World War II. At that time, in order to infiltrate and destroy the fascist European continent. The first paratroopers were established in 1940 and the Airborne Secret Service and the Royal Marine Corps Special Boat Corps were set up in 1942. Their costumes were marked most prominently by berets, and the difference in the color of berets became the distinction between these forces a sign.

After Britain, in July 1942, the United States formed a special forces with green berets as the symbol of clothing. Since then, different special forces in many countries have chosen to wear different colors of berets. Blue berets have a special place among different colors of berets because they symbolize peace. The mention of blue berets naturally reminds people of UN peacekeepers. Blue berets have been closely linked to international humanitarian operations since the first UN peacekeeping operation to resolve the question of Palestine in 1948.

The nature of beret in France and our Chinese cheongsam is similar, is a very historical heritage of the vintage single product, after the baptism of time and continuous improvement, today’s Beret hat has become a female concave modeling essential unit. And it can also be seen in all major fashion weeks, especially in the 2017 Autumn and Winter Fashion week Dior show Beret is brilliant, black leather berets almost throughout the show, whether it is a fairy dress or cool suit, It can be handled perfectly.

Bella Hadid, the star who is also a favorite for berets, has worn a black beret many times out of the street, which not only modifies the face but also adds to the overall look.

Rihanna wore this season’s hot leather berets, long overcoats and Choker necklaces at this year’s Dior show.



Black ash is the best match

Black is the best shot out of berets. As an embellishment, black is the least visible and easily blended color, if you feel that the pattern is too fancy or the overall color appears too much. Then the choice of black berets can add fashion without sudden. If you think of the role of brightening, Baihou’s grey berets are also a good choice.

 Dazzling multi-color

The second most popular beret color system will be red, playful and lovely red berets, eye-catching effect is excellent. Sweet pink and elegant camel color, the charm is not to be underestimated.

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