How do Berets Look Good and Create a French Style

In ancient Roman times, because it is easy to accept, easy to carry, and gender-neutral, berets were traded goods between Romans and surrounding cities and have been used by many armies since the mid-20th century. Later, it spread to France because of its simple but unique shape, which was popular among local resident and gradually developed into a fashion accessory.

Beret hat used to be a military cap, which always used as a personal symbol for special forces, special forces and airborne troops of some countries, and became popular in fashion circles at the beginning of the last century, and became the darling of all kinds of stars and fashionistas. It has been retro elegant, gentle and playful styling has become a favorite style for many girls, because it is soft and easy to shape, dapper is also a variety of. The most fashionable is the brim side to one side, emitting a full French elegance, can one side of the hair to the ear, the other side of the natural fall in the face, absolutely small strength. Or the brim back to wear, more experienced practice unique personality.

With the emergence of the retro wind tide, berets return to fashion trend, every street shot favorite to use it to concave shape. Because the berets are very soft and easy to shape, there are many ways to wear them. The most fashionable is the brim to one side, oblique wearing, appear playful and full of spirit.

Style oneLiberty

If the beret fabric is a stiff wool, it can be directly clasped to the head, instead of deliberately plastic, but to keep the brim fluffy three-dimensional. But don’t wear tall, hat front had better be above eyebrow, appear elegant and casual.






Style two : Put on the one side

The most classic way to wear a beret is to tilt the beret slightly to one side with a soft top. It also modifies the face and reduces the difficulty of the beret. No matter what the dress is, it can give off a retro, elegant and fresh French flavor.







Style three :Put on the back

There is also a way to pull all the beret brims back, whether by putting your hair up in the beret, or by exposing the bangs, as long as you remember that the front of the cap must remain flat, with a few soft tops in the back of the head, and you can create a sharp drop. The style of one’s personality.

Beret with different styles can create different styles of fashion, can be based on their own style and dress to develop their own creativity, so that the usual matching dress more fun and stylish.

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